Soapy Titties

Where golf friends share

“Athlete” profiles

Brian –
Strengths: he plans everything
Weaknesses: mild obesity
Annoyances: he plans everything

Sam –
Strengths: attire, occasional drive
Weaknesses: mental anything, putting, commitment, general weakness
Annoyances: commitment, length of putt preparation, attire

Strengths: speed of play, humor, making fun of Sam, drug connections.
Weakness: patience, caring
Annoyances: when he makes fun of you

Josh –
Strengths: fulfills the quota
Weakness: being Mexican
Annoyances: being Mikes friend

Warren –
Strengths: Actually good at the game of golf.
Weakness: Country club mentality makes him easy to physically and mentally injure.
Annoyances: Unnaturally clean.

Justin –
Strengths: Smack talk game strong, looks small but acts big.
Weakness: mentally and physically weak.
Annoyances: Hits the ball 100 yards off the drive, but keeps it on the fairway every time.

Sammi –
Strengths: photogenic, facial hair
Weakness: broken arm. broken will.
Annoyances: British accent

Jason –
Strengths: toleration of others (i.e. everyone above)
Weakness: we will find out after this week
Annoyances: his potential to beat everyone